A Monumental Goal

Some may read this goal and thinkĀ that’s not so monumental, however, when you don’t have much time or energy it’s huge.

This monumental goal is to finish writing and editing an entire novel in six months. The basic story idea is there and mapped, it just needs to be massaged into something beautiful. (Not to mention I need to decideĀ which basic story idea I want to run with since there are several.)

Over the next six months, I’ll be doing much more than just writing. I’ll also be detoxing my body–which I hope helps increase my energy and loosens my brain fog–and mapping out my time using a bullet journal and action planner hybrid method. Essentially I’ll map out my time each day, breaking up the large goal into smaller weekly and daily goals, with a little flexibility built in to handle the curve balls that life is known for.

If I remember, or feel so inclined, I’ll document the process here as I go along. Today is the first day wherein I need to place butt in chair and write for a solid 30 minutes.