Rediscovering a Story

Time is funny. It can slip by quietly–unnoticed–and before you realize it years have gone by. That’s what happened to me.

Back in 2011, I’d begun a story. That’s it. I hadn’t finished it and when I stumbled across this work, I read it eagerly waiting to see what happened. When I finished the last chapter, I wondered what happened. Then it hit me:┬áIf I wanted to know what happened, I needed to finish the story.

Then something else occurred to me: I’d started this story (and others) more than six years ago. What happened between then and now? What made me set them aside for so long and not even think about them until now?

Granted, I’ve thought about my characters and ideas every so often, and wanted to sit down to continue their journeys, but never seemed to get around to it.

I wonder if this year will be the year–the year when I take action and make some magic happen. I hope so.

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